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Tarot Cafe Short Fic: Go Away (Pamela/Belus) NC-17

К сожалению, в английском не сильна, поэтому выкладываю оригинал. Если кто-нибудь возьмется перевести, буду весьма признательна

Author: luxuria_oceanus
Written for: prompt_in_a_box
Round #6, Prompt #10: "If that's what you want."
Word Count: 2,232 (According to MW)
Genre: Angst and light Smut. Someone SHOOT me now!
Rating: NC-17 (it wasn’t even supposed to BE NC-17, but it’s not that hardcore)
Warnings: Sex, sort of exhibitionist too (that’s what happens when you do it against a see through shop door)
Fandom: The Tarot Café
Pairing: Pamela/Belus with a tiny angsty hint of Pamela/Ash
Summary: Pamela receives a midnight visit from the man who broke her heart, only to be followed by the man who insists on mending it.
Timeline: After the conclusion of Tarot Café (the 7th volume) so spoilers for everything is obvious, since I wrote it so that if anyone doesn't know the fandom, at least gets to know/understand the main points of what is going (and went) on.
Author's Note: Wow, now this is a pairing I never thought I’d write for. Not because I don’t like it, trust me, I do; I just never thought I’d write for them, y’know? Plus, the fact I lent the series to my friend when I wrote it kind of made me feel I was writing some things wrong, but oh well, worth a try! I’m happy with it (hell, Pamela/Belus smut? Of course I’m happy!)
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Как по-твоему, что лучше: жить монстром или умереть человеком?
Я возьмусь. Думаю, к понедельнику точно будет сделано.